Day of Wool on 7 October 2023!

On 7 October 2023, the Day of Wool can be visited again in Boxtel. Address: Manege de Langspier, Molenwijkseweg 5, 5282 KA Boxtel.


Since 2006, the Dag van de Wol is a must for everyone who works or wants to start working with wool. Hobbist or professional, everyone is welcome.  The construction world, designers, interior decorators, artists, everyone can learn about the many possibilities offered by wool.

You will see the latest initiatives in the field of wool that contribute to a sustainable society and show that much more is possible with wool and that wool is an alternative alternative to synthetics. Pretty much any questions you have about wool, we can answer.


Exhibitors will show what is possible with wool. Wool as a fertiliser pellet, insulation material, sleeping, clothing; it's all there. And, of course, everything in between.

This is the only day when wool can be seen in all its facets. That means there are sheep too, because without sheep there is no wool.

A manege is ideally suited to receive sheep in an animal-friendly way. But make no mistake, organising events with sheep is complex because of all the requirements that have to be met, and we are very happy that breeders will be there with their animals.


On this day, the wol-o-theek will also be on display, with the wools from the book Wol in Nederland. Each variety has certain characteristics and properties which makes the uses of wool endless.


This event is held at a very low profile location, making it possible to show the whole chain from sheep through the producer to the consumer. This is a deliberate choice because we believe that getting to know sheep and wool with all their specific properties contributes to the development of sustainable choices and should be accessible to everyone.


For visitors with public transport, a shuttle service has been arranged from Boxtel railway station.


The Wool Day is part of October Wool Month in which people can visit initiatives, markets, and individuals throughout the Netherlands.


The day is organised by the Special Sheep Breeds Association in the Netherlands.