Day of Wool on 8 October 2022!


The two-year break has allowed us to reflect on a different course for Wool Day. In addition to the market of stallholders showing their creative and artistic products made of wool and the wool itself in all its colours and manifestations, we also want to provide a stage for more innovative and industrial applications of wool. We want to offer that stage on our Wool Value Square, a square of innovative companies and ideas.


We are very happy that we can stay at the Hippische Sportvereniging Sint Martinus in Boxtel.

An excellent location for this great woolevent.


The equestrian sports association has two large halls that offer sufficient space to realise all our plans. And on the outside terrain, you can watch some rare sheep breeds;

there is a sheep driving show.


The address: Molenwijkseweg 5, 5282 KA Boxtel. it is 1,5 km from the railway station.

If necessary, transport from the station can be arranged.

opening hours 10.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.

Admission: adults: €3.50. Children up to 10 years old free

"Wolwaardeplein - Wool Value Square"

“ Wolwaardeplein”, the Wool Value Square, is so named because we want to demonstrate the possibilities here in stages. Wool is not a waste product but something valuable that is produced by millions of sheep every year. Because of the wonderful properties of wool, many more applications are possible than just knitting a jumper. We want to show that this is feasible and not a utopia at this Wool Value Square.


The broad application of wool contributes to sustainability and the circular economy in various areas. That is why multiple partners have joined forces, such as Fibershed, Hollands Collectief, Pleed, the sheep farming chain group and Ecoras, to highlight the wide range of applications for wool.

On the Wool Valuation Square, you will see an overview of these application possibilities, from wool as manure pellets, insulation material in the building industry, as wallpaper on the wall, to a high-quality designer jacket that you hardly ever have to wash.


The fact that wool inspires designers and artists is also demonstrated on this square: Leading designers such as Christien Meindertsma and Beatrice Waanders will also be here.


In addition, we will offer space for exchanging ideas through lectures and a panel discussion in which the parties above will also participate. Anyone with innovative ideas about wool is invited to let us know.

You, too may get a place on our Wool Value Square!